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Laboratory resources

During the last decade various instruments and facilities have been acquired by our institute and some other have been designed and realized by our group.

Currently we can rely on the following facilities:

>   Quantum Efficiency measurements system in the 130-1100 nm spectral range

>   X-Ray source Fe55 for X-Ray analysis

>   Two optical benches and various optical components specialized for detector characterization

>   A system based on a reflective objective for the measurements of spatial resolution of large-format CCD and new technology detectors

>   Various vacuum systems

>   A 3 x 3 meters squared clean room class 100

>   Various electronic benches equipped with oscilloscopes and multimeters and on the following software tools:

>   A Xilinx Field Programmable Gate Array development system

>   Various electronic CAD (Orcad, Cadence) including simulation packages

>   Zemax optical CAD


Furthermore the detector group has access to the infrastructures of the Observatory, which are a center of data handling and the mechanical workshops, and to those of the University of Catania Physics department, including the INFN particles accelerator (Laboratorio Nazionale del Sud).

 Wednesday, 26 June 2019