Automatic Photometric Telescope APT80/1


Catania Astrophysical Observatory






·        Statistics

·        Main research areas

·        Most recent  multisite/multiwavelenght campaigns

·        International projects involving the APT80/1

·        Future improvements

·        Publications related to  APT80/1






Period 1992 – 2000


-         Hours of observations ~ 20.000

-         Measurements ~ 650.000

-         Typical duty cycle ³ 70%

-         Scheduled target stars  ~ 70 (~ 300 including comparisons and checks)





Main research areas


  1. Collaborative monitoring campaigns of chromospherically active stars


  1. Stellar flares


  1. Active longitudes, activity cycles and differential rotation


  1. Orbital period modulation


  1. Photometric parameters of active close binaries


  1. Ground-based support to space missions





Most recent international  multisite/multiwavelenght campaigns



  • EV Lac flare campaign 1994-1995 (Abranin et al. )
  • EV Lac flare campaign 1999   (Favata et al.)
  • AD Leo flare campaign 1999 (Guedel et al.)
  • Catania -  Calar Alto coordinated observations of HD171488 (Uwe et al.)
  • Doppler imaging of AR Lac (Zboril et al.)
  • Optical-X-ray observations of  LQ Hya  (Covino et al.)



Current international projects involving the APT80/1


  1. CataniaHanle (India) long-term study of HD52452
  2. CataniaHanle (India) observations of suspected RS CVn-type stars
  3. Observations of HD52452 (TNG proposal accepted)
  4. COROT space mission   (INAF proposal submitted)
  5. Observations of Hyades (TNG proposal accepted)
  6. Doppler imaging of AR Lac
  7. Observations of Pleiades for lithium depletion theory (Tschaepe)
  8. The Sun in Time (Villanova)
  9. Optical-X-ray observations of AR Lac (Saar)



Future improvements


Cooled photometer and Wing system filter set to carry out TiO band

Photometry of chromospherically active stars



Publications related to  APT80/1



  • 16 papers on international refereed journals
  • 4 invited contributions
  • 8 short papers and communications at meetings
  • 8 papers in progress
  • 4 PhD theses (Messina, Marino, Cafra,  Biazzo)



International Refereed Journals



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Invited contributions



  1. The Catania Automatic Photoelectric Telescope on Mt. Etna: A Systematic Study of Magnetically Active Stars

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Short papers and Communications at meetings



  1. A systematic search of starspots cycles by robotic observations at Catania Astrophysical Observatory

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  1. Ph.D. Thesis : “Long- and short-term photometric variability of late-type stars”

Messina S., 1998 (see COOLNEWS  32, 10)